Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter with Kate

Writing Easter cards.

Dressing as the Easter Bunny.

Coloring Easter Eggs with Mommy.

At Cheekwood with Mommy, Lydia Byrne and Therese Byrne.

With Mommy.

BFF's Lydia and Kate.

Daddy with the girls.

At the Zoo with Nanna.

Picnic cupcakes.


Blogger Andrea said...


Where to start...I found your blog today by shear coincidence as I hit NEXT BLOG, which I have never done. To my dismay, I found the most beautiful little girl with the most heart felt story.

I found myself in tears as I read the post in which she tells you she wants to return to Chinaland. You handled her questions with such integrity.

Your blog touches me as I am not certain where my life of infertility is going to take me at the moment and thus adoption is a growing option. When I read stories such as Kate's I feel the hole in my heart for the child I lost child grow smaller and find myself embracing my options.

Ironicaly, I remembered your blog name and returned again to leave this comment to discover you are in Nashville. My husband and I currently live in Memphis :)

Thank you for sharing your story, Kate's story, of HOPE and LOVE.

May All of Life's Blessings Continue to Be Yours,

4:23 PM  

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