Wednesday, April 01, 2009

General Update

It's been awhile since we've updated. Eddie posted some of our Disney Trip photos. That was a big event in February. We've had a good major sickness and all in good spirits. Kate is doing great in school and is such a joy. She and Lydia get to see each other and play a lot. We're looking foward to spring when we can get back to the zoo more often and see more friends for playdates.
Here are some recent and good pictures of the princess. Enjoy!
Christi, Eddie and Kate

Kate and Cinderella

Kate's new bathing suit (yes bathing suit). She loves to dance around the house in her tutu.

Dressed for our one snow day. We built a tiny snowman and threw snowballs.

Mommy and Kate on the carousel at Opry Mills Mall.

Harper, Kate and Griffin all smooshed into the toy plane at a local pizza place. She had a blast.

Wearing Mommy's winter hat. Too cute and it matches her outfit!

Dancing with Daddy in her new Cinderella dress from Granny.

Playing at Lydias...the girls had a great time.


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